Happy 2017!

Since we have entered a new year, I think it befitting to kick start 2017 with a planner post.

For this year I opted to go with Inkwell Press – a relatively new company in the planner market but one which has much to offer in terms of catering to a gamut of organisation needs. From paper quality to layout to colour schemes, Inkwell Press ticks all the right boxes. What I appreciate most is the versatility the company offers for the three main categories of planners – ring bound, spiral bound and Traveler’s notebook styles. IWP initially entered the planner foray with their spiral bound planners which were followed by A5 inserts for those who prefer ring bound planners and finally brought out notebooks/agendas which fit into a FoxyFix extra wide Midori style skins.


Of course I also hopped on to the planner community bandwagon where functional stickers are concerned and found Luckaty and Knockout Print Shop sticker shops on Etsy that specialise in InkwellPress stickers.


After going with a classy black and marble theme last year with Kikki K, Sessavee and Cloth and Paper Co. accessories, I decided to add some colour this year and housed my Inkwell Press A5 inserts in a Blush and Tangerine dual colour planner from Kikki K.

I feel like I am back in school using stickers to better organise my life.



Today I bring to you a company that boasts simplicity in a myriad of luxury styles – Katie Leamon.


KL is a family run business in London with most of the paper products hand made with a vintage feel.
I had an opportunity to sample their rose gold foil cards and marble wrapping paper and the quality is definitely one of the best on the market.

In addition to cards, wrapping paper and stationery, Katie Leamon also has a monthly subscription called Katie Post where you get a stationery set replete with cards, letter paper, envelopes, tags and wrapping paper.

I am very partial to the company’s colour schemes – monochromatic tones to nude and Kraft palettes and of course the immortal marble design.

A special mention ought to be made of their packaging – elegant, sophisticated and ready for gift giving.
Katie Leamon is definitely on my list of luxe gifts for stationery enthusiasts.



I always think of business cards as a mini brochure advertising a business. Business cards are a viable networking tool in a myriad of situations. They are an easy way to introduce yourself and your company.

In spite of being in a techno savvy era, not everyone relies on or is comfortable digitally conveying or receiving contact information. Alternatively, scribbling notes on a cocktail napkin or piece of paper rummaged from the bottom of your handbag is not the most professional approach. Psychologically speaking, networking is more effective with engaging eye contact and actual face to face conversation – a perfect start to a business relationship.

A business card is the first impression of your brand/company/business.There are a number of reasons why business cards are so important – a unique business card may fuel conversation even further, it shows that you are prepared. Business cards give the ability to follow up and even make you memorable and referable.


When designing your business cards make sure to create a striking impression; use a heavy duty thick paper – companies like Minted and Moo offer an impressive quality and variety. An unusual design can make your card stand out in a pile of cards.

While all of the above relates more to businesses, business cards are really for anyone – bloggers, stay-at-home mums and dads, babysitters, tutors and just about everyone can present their contact information in a classy way using calling cards in a gamut of shapes, sizes , designs and colours.



They can network and organize their day by jotting down information like dates, timings, and venues.



A few of my favourite include Social Circle Cards and  PoshGirlBoutique on Etsy and and



When I first came across Smitten On Paper products it was at a book store in the stationery section. A while later I received my first SOP in the monthly Cloth & Paper stationery box.


What immediately caught my eye about this company was the sophisticated, understated elegance its line exuded. Their most popular style is gold foil which makes a stunning statement not only on cards but notepads as well. image


I looked up their website and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Smitten On Paper is an online store that specialises in custom social stationery primarily, wedding invitations. They have a host of designers who work with brides and clients to bring their paper visions to life.



When you purchase a piece of stationery from Smitten On Paper, you are sure to make a very luxe statement.




I first came across the company Cloth & Paper after watching a few unboxing videos on YouTube. Having liked what I saw, I subscribed to their monthly box.

Cloth & Paper is a stationery and lifestyle subscription box comprising high end and luxe products. Additionally, they have an online shop at that carries some items from the subscription boxes for individual sale as well as other luxe stationery goodies like pens and notepads. They also have a Pen subscription box at a slightly lower price wherein you get to sample 5 – 7 types of pens from different brands.


My first box arrived in January with a box showing up each month after that; I must admit that of all the items I received, there have just been one or two that have really caught my fancy. With the Australian dollar at its lowest, this subscription box is quite pricey for me. However, I have decided to stick with it for a few months more and see how the products meet my expectations utility and price wise and then decide accordingly. Whilst there are quite a few paper products I fancy in their shop I am better off with an individual purchase than subscribing monthly.


As for their customer service, Ashley, the owner is very prompt and professional and is always ready to answer any queries you may have. I encourage you to check out their Instagram page for heaps of sneak peeks and new additions.


If you fancy a more luxe and sophisticated style of stationery as opposed to the cutesy  sort, then you will appreciate Cloth & Paper.




Recently, I was on the lookout for a pen that would not only meet the basic requirement of its kind – writing but  which also matched the quality in aesthetic. So imagine my delight when I discovered the Pilot Metropolitan Rollerball pen.

I placed an order for two pens and a set of refills from Jetpens and received my order within 5 days. The pens each came in a simple grey cardboard box with the logo Pilot printed on the bottom right of the top of the box. Inside held a clam shell display case with a clear window through which you could see the pen neatly encased in the sponge groove at the base of the case. The cardboard box also held a little pamphlet of information on the pen.


The pen has a sleek, cigar shaped metal body. The cap is a slip on and snaps close with a distinct click. The metal part adds a nice heft to the pen contributing to its solid build and elegant presentation.

Each pen has a different design on the mid section of the barrel, thereby offering different styles. Additionally, the pen comes in a variety of colours.

The rollerball pen comes with a G2 refill in a 0.7mm point. It glides smoothly on a page, dries quickly and is well balanced. You can confidently call this pen a daily companion which is undoubtedly a strong contender on the pen market in terms of its price point.

Ranging from $13.50 – $15.00 you can’t go wrong with the Pilot Metropilitan Rollerball pen. It’s a double whammy – quality plus price, giving you the impression of using a much more expensive pen.



I first came across the company – Sessa Vee on Instagram when I was looking for luxe planner accessories. Upon browsing through the website, I was delighted to find they carried luxe  planner foil stickers, marble design planner inserts, calling cards and a host of other stationery goodies that would make any paper addict swoon.

Vanessa, the owner, apart from being an amazing entrepreneur is also a wonderful person with excellent customer service. She is a one-woman-show and all the products she sells are handmade by her. The items she hand makes and sells are of the highest quality and they exude a luxe-quality and feel.

Additionally, Sessa Vee collborates with other big names in the stationery biz and you often find her products in one of their kits or subscription boxes.



Naturally, I was keen to sample these paper goodies so I went ahead and placed a huge order of stickers, planner inserts, paper clips, and other stationery accessories. They came in yesterday and I must admit, they are worth every penny spent and more with great international shipping rates especially for us international customers.




Sessa Vee constantly brings out with new paper products and restocks supplies every Saturday PST. Vanessa shares all updates on her Facebook page and Instagram account.

I strongly encourage you to check this company out. If you like luxe, chic, and classy planner supplies, then this is your one stop shop!



If there was one talent I would love to have it would be the ability to draw. I have always admired artists, friends and colleagues who have been blessed with this gift and follow their labour of love as and when time permits.

Having said that, I have no shame in admitting that I do not care for abstract art in the sense that I do not understand it; if it looks pretty, it will grab my attention. But still life, caricatures, scenery and all that definitely tick all the right boxes for me.

You can imagine then, how thrilled I was to come across an exceptionally talented artist right here in my backyard – Megan Hess. Megan Hess is a fashion illustrator who works with all the top fashion houses in the world – Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfield, to name a few, illustrated for the famous Sex and the City book …believe you me, the list goes on!

What has drawn me to Hess’s artwork is it’s simple yet stunning elegance that captures the very essence of old world glamour. Her choice of colours and style epitomizes haute couture at its best.


I love the fact that Megan Hess has not confined her artwork to just stationery pieces. She has expanded her line to home decor, fashionwear, accessories and even brought out books showcasing her tribute so to speak of fashion icons over the years.

I knew I had to grab one of her books of my personal fashion icon – Coco Chanel. As a stationery enthusiast every little detail was noted and appreciated…the book came signed by Megan Hess and was beautifully packaged in her signature gift wrap paper with a matching ribbon. It was like holding a piece of haute couture in my hands!


I look forward to adding more of her stunning pieces to my collection.




Rifle Paper is a company and brand synonymous with paper products – their own label as well as in partnership with other big names in the stationery hall of fame. This company was founded and is owned by husband wife duo – Nathan and Anna Bond. What initially started out as a small business in their garage-studio has now escalated to a universal brand spanning the globe.

In addition to housing a wide range of stationery products and brands, Rifle Paper Co also operate as a custom design studio where they take on custom design and illustration work with their client list featuring Martha Stewart, Anthropologie, Penguin Books, Wall Street Journal to name a few.

Their flagship store is located in Winter Park, Florida, however, their line of stationery goods are stocked world over as well as online.

These cute pocket notebooks are from their gold foil line.

rife paper co



I came across the concept of seed cards a while ago but recently saw them again at a craft fair. The eco friendly concept of embedding seeds in paper is truly unique. People have come up with creative ways to use this paper in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours as cards, favors and mementos.


How it works is to simply take the seed paper and plant it in a pot, in the backyard or garden and water it regularly…after a period of time you have a plant…some even with flowers that sprouts up….quite a delight really….a good gift for folks who have green fingers.